Pan Genesis

Otti, Zaira, and Chico are bonobos. Andrès is a chimp. Bonobos are female-forward, peaceful; sex-positive. Chimps are bros. Things get weird in this sexy, dark comedy set in an apocalyptic jungle where this group must set aside divisions of gender and tribe to survive the darkness inside and out. 

Pan Genesis was workshopped at the Playwrights’ Center in April of 2019 as part of Marvin’s Jerome Many Voices fellowship.

Pan Genesis was a semi-finalist for the 2019 Princess Grace Playwriting Fellowship at the New Dramatists, a finalist for the 2019 ScratchPad Series at the Playwrights Realm, and a semi-finalist for the Page73 Playwriting Fellowship.

Pan Genesis was developed at PlayLabs, the Playwrights’ Center’s biggest new works festival, in October 2019! This included 30 hours of rehearsal with professional actors, director, and designers and 2 public readings attended by artistic leaders from around the country.

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A visit from the ghost of his father sets Vago Valenzuela on an adventure through the Sonoran Desert to the border of México and the US; life and death; reality and dream. Bodies and family secrets are unearthed in this play that takes place inside the chaos of a Haboob and the confusion of liminal Mexican-American identity.

Haboob was developed and produced by Arizona State University in April of 2017.

A scene from Haboob appears in Scenes for Latinx Actors: Voices of the New American Theatre published through Smith & Kraus.

Lights Out

After a giant solar flare leaves the world blacked-out but covered in an enormous Aurora Borealis, Maite and Sebastian seek refuge in a ranch house. They soon discover two strange house guests: Are they aliens or angels? Are they holding them hostage or offering them ultimate freedom? Are they waiting for the mothership or the rapture?

Lights Out was commissioned and produced by Reno Little Theater in June of 2015 through a grant from the Dramatist Guild.

The 5th Wind

Montalban is sophisticated, articulate, and completely put together. Sorensen is a careless brute. These two men have nothing in common, except for their delusions about love, life, death, and poetry.

The 5th Wind was produced and developed by Good Luck, MacBeth Theatre Co. in December of 2013 as part of his residency at the theatre.

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